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In January, 1996, Thomas Hampson and friends performed some of the greatest songs in the American musical repertoire in New York's historic Town Hall. The concert was shot for the GREAT PERFORMANCES telecast of THOMAS HAMPSON: I HEAR AMERICA SINGING.

Here are some highlights from that event, available as either RealAudio complete songs, or as downloadable excerpts from those songs in .wav format.

RealAudio player 3.0 is neccesary to hear the complete songs. If you already have RealAudio player 3.0, you're all set. If not, go to the RealAudio site to download a free player.

Please note: In order to preserve the integrity of the performances, the RealAudio in this section is only available for modems operating at speeds of 28.8 or above. If you only have access to a 14.4 connection, you can still download portions of the performances in .wav format.

Beautiful Dreamer

Music: Stephen Foster
Text: Stephen Foster
Performed by Thomas Hampson

Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair

Music: Stephen Foster
Text: Stephen Foster
Performed by Marilyn Horne

In The Woods

Music: Edward McDowell
Text: after Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Performed by Dawn Upshaw

Ah, Love, But a Day

Music: Amy Marcy Beach
Text: Robert Browning
Performed by Frederica von Stade

General Booth Enters Into Heaven

Music: Sidney Homer
Text: Vachel Lindsay
Performed by Thomas Hampson

The Circus Band

Music: Charles Ives
Text: Charles Ives
Performed by Jerry Hadley

The Housatonic At Stockbridge

Music: Charles Ives
Text: Robert Underwood Johnson
Performed by Thomas Hampson

Sure On This Shining Night

Music: Samuel Barber
Text: James Agee
Performed by Thomas Hampson


Music: Ned Rorem
Text: Theodore Roethke
Performed by Harolyn Blackwell

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