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In medical research facilities all over the world, engineers and doctors are hard at work to make once debilitating conditions a thing of the past. From the most sophisticated metal leg prostheses to jaw-dropping artificial vision systems and astonishing advances in the translation of brain signals, this installment of INNOVATION explores the complex and futuristic world that is melding human and machine. Find out more about this episode or get the video.
Man with prosthetic leg Special Report
Rebuilding a Battered Body
Once the stuff of science fiction, bionic devices are quickly becoming integrated into medical practice and transforming human lives. As bioengineering becomes more sophisticated, researchers are developing novel devices that allow people to regain independence and better interact with the world.
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A surgeon inserts an electric grid into a human brain. Brain surgery

Dr. Miguel Nicolelis and series producer Jared Lipworth explore the complex and futuristic world of medical technology.

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Technology feature Technology feature
Glass with camera - Click for video Video Clip

Bionic parts are changing the human body.

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The first, tentative steps toward fusing mind and machine have been taken.
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