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This episode of INNOVATION explores the beguiling world of international espionage. Relating the true stories of two CIA master spies, "SpyCatchers" illustrates how today's agents are adjusting their classic Cold War techniques to counter threats from a changing, ill-defined enemy. Find out more about this episode or get the video.
Man with and without turban disguise Special Report
Spying in a New Century
Secrets are part of human nature -- and spying a part of civilization. As long as nations have held competing interests, they have sought information about one another's plans and capabilities. Yet today's enemies exist outside traditional national boundaries. Trying to learn the secrets of a country follows logically from the belief that knowledge is power, and obtaining a vital piece of intelligence can make a critical difference in world affairs. Enter

A B-2 stealth bomber patrols the skies. stealth bomber

Retired CIA agents Tony and Jonna Mendez describe how they became spies in Moscow eluding the KGB at the height of the Cold War and how they developed some of their most ingenious disguises.

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Intelligence remains a key to national security.

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Obtaining a piece of intelligence can make a critical difference in world affairs.
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