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Crash Site Secrets
Despite all the time, money, and effort that go into the development of aircraft, the history of commercial aviation is littered with devastating, deadly crashes. From the black box that became standard after accidents in the 1950s to a traffic control device (TCAS) that has eliminated all mid-air collisions in the U.S. since 1990, this episode of INNOVATION tells the story of the groundbreaking technologies that rise from the ashes of disaster and highlights the on-going quest for even greater safety in the skies. Find out more about this episode or get the video.
Special Report

The Next Jet Set
As more people take to the skies, the aviation industry moves to meet the demand and lower its accident rate.
What will commercial air travel be like over the next 10-15 years? Despite sci-fi visions of supersonic jets spanning the Pacific in four hours, the biggest near-term changes appear not to be faster planes, but planes that are more efficient. This evolution is being driven by the issues consumers seem to care about the most -- low costs and more direct flights.
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photo of airplane taking off.

Aviation expert Greg Feith, a former Senior Air Safety Investigator with the National Transportation Safety Board, discusses air safety advances.

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Cleared for landing Cleared for landing
photo of crash site - Click for video Video Clip

Searching for clues when planes crash.

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In the future, air-safety organizations must drive down accident rates even as more planes are flying.
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