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Miracle Cell
A young mother, the victim of an accident that left her paralyzed, travels to Portugal for a radical treatment. Adult stem cells will be harvested from her nose, amplified, and injected into her spine. The hope is that the cells will heal her damaged spinal cord. This episode of INNOVATION looks at regenerative medicine and follows spinal cord and heart patients undergoing stem cell treatments -- the tip of the iceberg in a promising but controversial field. Find out more about this episode or get the video.
Special Report
Illustration of Stem Cells
The Stem Cell Controversy
As doctors struggle to turn a simple cell into a healing machine, many worry the cost will be too great.
Stem cells constitute one of the most fascinating and controversial areas of biology. Researchers, still learning how the body uses these cells to regenerate tissue, hope to make stem cells a human "repair kit." But there is a deep division over how safe -- or how ethical -- using these cells will be. While stem cells could revolutionize medicine, they also raise profound ethical questions.
Illustration of Stem Cells Illustration of Stem Cells
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Dr. Steven Hinderer, Director of the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan; Joy Veron, stem cell recipient; and Jared Lipworth, the series producer, discuss the documentary.

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Stem Cell Challenge Stem Cell Challenge
Photo of damaged spine - Click for video Video Clip

A woman struggles to heal.

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Nearly 400,000 human embryos are frozen and stored in the U.S. alone. 11,000 of which are designated for research.
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