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Brain Fingerprinting
Focusing on "Brain Fingerprinting," a new forensic technology that is making its way into our judicial system, this episode of INNOVATION takes viewers onto Oklahoma's death row, where convicted murderer Jimmie Ray Slaughter is awaiting execution. In a last-ditch attempt to get the case back into court, Slaughter's attorneys have called upon Dr. Lawrence Farwell, the neuroscientist who developed this controversial new technology. Find out more about this episode or get the video.
Special Report

Crime Solving Science
How today's forensics specialists use technology
Forensic science dates back to the 19th century, when fingerprinting and bullet analysis were used as crime-solving techniques. By 1910, French scientist Edmund Locard established the first police crime lab in Paris. Nearly one hundred years later, as the role of technology in society continues to expand, judges and juries are increasingly asked to evaluate testimony from forensic science and technology experts.
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Photo of Jimmie Ray Slaughter undergoing Brain Fingerprinting
At left, Oklahoma death row inmate Jimmie Ray Slaughter undergoes "brain fingerprinting."

Neuroscientist Lawrence A. Farwell, Ph.D. and series producer Jared Lipworth discuss the documentary.

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Incriminating Brain Incriminating Brain: a guide to the brain fingerprinting process
Photo of test subject undergoing Brain Fingerprinting - Click for video Video Clip

Is this the ultimate truth detector?

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As forensic science becomes indispensable to criminal investigations, experts are questioning the reliability of many techniques that were once considered irrefutable.
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