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PDF The 36-page SPARKS OF INNOVATION magazine (2.0 MB) is now available in PDF format.

The online version of the magazine requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. Please note that this file may take several minutes to download.

SPARKS OF INNOVATION Magazine includes the stories of people whose lives have been changed by innovations. There are clear explanations of the science and engineering behind advances; anecdotes about great successes and failures in technology; listings of history's most important innovations; suggested books and museum resources; and broadcast and program information. Articles demonstrate the exciting possibilities and risks of new technologies, as well as issues confronting people who invest time and money in the search for innovation. Contributors include Malcolm Gladwell, a staff writer at the NEW YORKER and the author of THE TIPPING POINT; Antonio and Jonna Mendez, former CIA technical operations officers and Chiefs of Disguise; and Peter Kuper, an illustrator and cartoonist who draws Spy vs. Spy for MAD magazine. Thirty thousand copies of the SPARKS OF INNOVATION magazine are being distributed to project partners and their constituents, to public television stations and to individuals who request them. Sections of the publication have been made available for reprint in newsletters and membership bulletins. Individuals can receive copies by e-mailing requests to

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Sparks of Innovation magazine
The 36-page magazine.
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