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Meet the Filmmakers
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LOCAL NEWS ... One station fights the odds ... is a co-production of Lumiere Productions and Thirteen/WNET New York. The filmmakers, who take special pride in working as a cooperative unit, are Ali Pomeroy and Brad Lichtenstein (producers/sound); Calvin Skaggs (producer); David Van Taylor and Nicholas Doob (producers/camera); and Jay Freund and Cindy Kaplan Rooney (editors). Skaggs and Van Taylor are executive producers. For Thirteen, Stephen Segaller is executive in charge of production.

Calvin Skaggs - an executive producer of LOCAL NEWS ... One station fights the odds ... - is president of the company he founded, Lumiere Productions. With more than two dozen films to his credit, Skaggs has spent over 25 years creating both dramatic and documentary films for telecast and theatrical release, all of which reflect in some way his fascination with American history, politics, media, and the arts, and a keen interest in issues that divide society as well as ideals that unite it.

Skaggs is best known to public television audiences for the landmark six-hour documentary series, WITH GOD ON OUR SIDE: THE RISE OF THE RELIGIOUS RIGHT IN AMERICA. He made his producing debut in 1975 with the award-winning PBS series, THE AMERICAN SHORT STORY. He went on to create major productions for American Playhouse, including an acclaimed feature adaptation of James Baldwin's GO TELL IT ON THE MOUNTAIN, and for other PBS series such as American Masters and WonderWorks. Elsewhere on the TV dial, Skaggs's work has included THE CIRCUS for HBO and VANISHED: INSIDE THE WITNESS PROTECTION PROGRAM and DIAMONDS! for Discovery.

Among his theatrical features are Horton Foote's ON VALENTINE'S DAY (America's official entry in the 1986 Venice Film Festival), FLY BY NIGHT (winner of the Filmmakers' Trophy for Best Dramatic Film at the 1993 Sundance Film Festival), and THE WASH, directed by Michael Toshiyuki Uno.

David Van Taylor - is an executive producer of LOCAL NEWS ... One station fights the odds ... and vice president of Lumiere Productions. Prior to joining Lumiere, Van Taylor made two acclaimed documentaries. His first film, DREAM DECEIVERS: THE STORY BEHIND VANCE VS. JUDAS PRIEST, was honored with an IDA award and an Emmy nomination, and was one of P. O. V.' s highest-rated telecasts. A PERFECT CANDIDATE, about Oliver North's Senate campaign (co-directed with R. J. Cutler), screened theatrically in 70 cities; THE WASHINGTON POST named it "one of a handful of essential films about American politics."

In 1996, Van Taylor joined Skaggs to conceive and produce WITH GOD ON OUR SIDE, which garnered accolades from both liberals and religious conservatives, as well as the press. Since then, he has directed for HBO (SHE'S HAVING A BABY ... BROTHER), MTV (I WANT TO BE A MILLIONAIRE), and Discovery (HOLLYWOOD TALENT AGENTS). He has also produced for ITVS, MSNBC, Fox News Channel, and TV Nation.

Along with producer Nicholas Doob, Van Taylor also did the camerawork for LOCAL NEWS ...

Ali Pomeroy - a producer of LOCAL NEWS ... , hatched the original idea for the series from her desire to create a character-driven documentary that would give Lumiere an opportunity to grapple once again with a "big issue." Pomeroy first worked at Lumiere as an associate producer of WITH GOD ON OUR SIDE, and has been a full-time producer there since 1998. Elsewhere, she was an associate producer of Linda Ellerbee's series UNCOMMON AMERICANS, produced segments of an international science series for Italian television, and worked on CBS's JFK bio-doc JACK, and THE HUMAN LANGUAGE, a best-selling PBS series on linguistics. Most recently, Pomeroy directed the award-winning DEATH ROW IN OUR TOWN, about Huntsville, Texas, home of the world's busiest death chamber. She was the linchpin of LOCAL NEWS's rotating three-person field crew.

Brad Lichtenstein - a producer (and sound recordist) on LOCAL NEWS ... , has also been a mainstay of Lumiere since WITH GOD ON OUR SIDE. He most recently directed SAFE, about a Brooklyn battered women's shelter for Discovery. Prior to that, he conceived and directed ANDRÉ'S LIVES, about a Holocaust survivor and rescuer's confrontation with his long-buried past. Prior to joining Lumiere, Lichtenstein worked on several PBS documentaries, including Frontline's Peabody award-winning election special, CHOICE '96, and the three-part History of the BLUES. He is currently completing Lumiere's GHOSTS OF ATTICA, a feature documentary which Court TV will premiere on the 30th anniversary of the landmark prison uprising.

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