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Typing on keyboard Newspeak
Typing on keyboard
You have just started working at a small local news station. Your position requires that you serve both as anchor and field reporter. Your producer only speaks one language -- television jargon -- and she always has a new task planned for you. Can you survive in-house and in the field? Take this quiz to test your proficiency in television broadcast lingo.

  1. You are out in the field and have pulled quotations from various sources. Your producer tells you to stream them together without narration in between. She is asking for:
    streaming video
    an assembled narrative
    a back-to-back
    a close-up

  2. You have taped a story at the scene of a "Mothers Against Fur" protest. You interviewed the group's president, who made some inflammatory remarks. When you give your producer the tape of the scene, she asks you to add a portion of your interview to clips of the protest. The piece of the interview she is asking for is called:
    a bite
    a furry
    an interview
    a cue

  3. You are an anchor. Your producer tells you to get ready to announce that the president of another country has just passed away. This type of news is called:
    a political update
    a presidential primary
    a roll over
    breaking news

  4. You hold an interview with Oprah Winfrey, discussing trends in fashion. You wish to demonstrate her words with a clip from her show with supermodel Tyra Banks. Your producer asks for the scene you wish to use from the show. She is asking for:
    a soundbite
    Oprah's dress
    Tyra's telephone number
    a b-roll

  5. You are shooting a live scene of the O.J. Simpson hearing outside the courtroom. O.J. walks out, and your producer wants to see the reaction on O.J.'s face. She is asking for:
    a makeup artist
    a donut
    a close-up
    a football

  6. You are shooting live and your producer tells you to announce a special development. The method to transmit this message so that no one else in the public is aware of this change is called:
    a transmission
    a relay
    an Interruptible Frequency Broadcast (IFB)

  7. You begin to tell your news story with a:
    sip of water
    scene shooter

  8. You have the video, you have the audio, you even have a taped interview. Your producer tells you to put it together in a presentable fashion. She is asking for:
    a briefcase
    an impossible task
    a package
    a lead

  9. You are reporting live from the beach as a hurricane rages off the coast. Your location is called:
    beachfront property
    a bad situation
    a remote
    a reader

  10. You are the main anchor tonight and your producer tells you to read the stories in the order they will be aired. She is asking for a:

  11. You are in a morning meeting and your producer asks for a written account of a story soon to be broadcast. The document you will give her is called:
    a resignation letter
    a cue
    a script
    your business card

  12. Your producer loves your latest story on yesterday's marathon in the park. You also have video of the winner celebrating in tears. Your producer asks for that video clip to add to your story. She is asking for:
    a puppy bag
    a SOT
    a VO or Voice Over

  13. The sentence that comes before a bite is called
    being hungry
    a writeup
    a 2-Way
    a track

  14. True or False: SOT refers to Script On Tape.

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