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Local News
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The following web-based resources are an excellent few of the many sites devoted to broadcast journalism and news reporting of every kind. Additionally, many of these sites represent professional organizations of news journalists.

Nielsen Media Research
The Nielsen Media Research site includes explanations on the Nielsen ratings system and also provides an overview of how the viewing habits of ethnic groups in the United States is measured and reported.

More Resources
For additional resources on the LOCAL NEWS project, visit the Resources sections of the Roundtable Public Engagement site at:

Get Involved Database
To find resources in your community related to the LOCAL NEWS project, visit the Roundtable Get Involved database at:

Museum of Broadcast Communications
This site seeks to educate and inform visitors interested in broadcast communication. It includes an online catalog with over 13,000 television programs, 4,000 radio programs, 11,000 television commercials, and 4,500 newscasts. The site's educational page offers comprehensive multimedia lesson plans for teachers, called "DocuFest," and provides access to search a diverse collection of documentaries online, including nearly 2,900 cable, network, and public broadcasting documentaries.

Project for Excellence in Journalism
The Project for Excellence in Journalism is an initiative by journalists to clarify and raise the standards of American journalism. The Web site includes several research reports, including one on local news (

Radio-Television News Directors Association
The Radio-Television News Directors Association, a professional organization, is devoted exclusively to electronic journalism. RTNDA represents local and network news executives in broadcasting, cable, and other electronic media in more than 30 countries. The Web site includes a section on ethics, research, newsroom resources, technology, and training workshops.

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Online NewsHour: Changing Local News / A Media Watch Special Report
This site provides an in-depth look at the changing face of local news, and includes discussions with top television journalists such as Carol Marin and industry experts like Deborah Potter, the Executive Director of NewsLab, a non-profit group that encourages quality in local news.

NewsLab is a non-profit television news laboratory, that seeks to serve local stations by helping them find better ways of telling important stories that are often difficult to convey on television. This site includes resources for newsrooms and an extensive list of articles and research on local news.

American Journalism Review
Available at this site are resource for print and broadcast journalists, including extensive links to news sources and journalism organizations, as well as research collections.

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