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Briefing and Opinion
January 14, 2005

Making Sense of Immigration
A U.S. Border Patrol agent unloads illegal immigrants

A U.S. Border Patrol agent unloads illegal immigrants for processing May 27, 2004 in Douglas, Arizona. The Border Patrol beefed up its presence in Douglas during the 1990's to help prevent illegal immigrants from crossing into the U. S. (AP Photo/Matt York)

Congress is getting ready to consider a flurry of immigration reform legislation, ranging from proposals to create renewable three-year guest-worker visas to proposals for hiring another 10,000 investigators to find and deport illegal workers. The president has made reform a major priority and it is going to be a bitter fight.
immigration comic
Infusion or Invasion?

Rick Karr travels to border state Arizona to speak with residents on both sides of the immigration issue -- those who say the influx is a vital infusion of workers and others who condemn it as a costly invasion.

Immigration Legislation

A brief history of immigration employment laws, from the first "guest worker" legislation to the current proposed reforms.