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Tony and Tacky
March 25, 2005

Good taste or bad is revealed in everything we are, do, have. Emily Post

Maria J. Needs A Snowball's Chance
A Massachusetts mother suffered a case of "snowball rage" after she was pelted by teens when picking up her child from Andover High. When a snowball flew through her window and hit her in the head, the mother, Maria J. Needs, chased one of the culprits with a tire iron. "Snowballs and kids are a natural phenomenon and, letĚs face it, grownups are natural targets," says Melanie Kirkpatrick, who gives the militant mama a tacky.

Johnnie B. Good Johnnie Cochran
Johnnie Cochran may finally have proven that he is what he always wanted us to believe he is: one of the greatest lawyers ever. When Cochran filed a defamation suit against an outspoken disgruntled client, he not only won damages, but also an injunction effectively barring the ex-client ever again saying anything in public about the famous lawyer. "This could actually be a Tony for brilliant lawyering," says Rob Pollack, who instead awards Cochran a "big, big tacky" for "blatant disregard of the First Amendment."

First Light A Light From Above
For the first time, a NASA telescope has directly measured light from two planets the size of Jupiter, which are closely orbiting stars hundreds of light years from earth. "I think itĚs entirely appropriate that we have an awesome experience here in Holy Week and close to Passover because what this sort of thing does is make us feel a little bit of humility," says Daniel Henninger, who awards a tony for an event that helped to bring us "back down to earth."