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Tony and Tacky
April 8, 2005

Good taste or bad is revealed in everything we are, do, have. Emily Post

birth control pills Activist Pharmacists
Pharmacists refusing to provide birth control contraceptives -- even when they are prescribed by a doctor -- is an astounding, worrisome sign of the times, says Dorothy Rabinowitz. "It has been argued that if your friendly local druggist should decide that he should be the arbiter of your fate and do all he can to prevent you from avoiding a pregnancy, you can always go to another pharmacist," says Rabinowitz. "What if you happen to live in a town of only one drug store? You can see how far this has all gone when an organization of 'activist pharmacists' says that pharmacy should now be an agency that is only concerned with life and should avoid all medications that prevent life."

All-Male Assemblies Masters 2005
Golf, on the other hand, is a game. Kimberley Strassel offers a "welcome back" tony to major sponsors of the Masters gold tournament in Augusta, Georgia. The sponsors stayed away for years because women were demonstrating against the golf club's all-male policies, says Strassel. "A tony to Augusta and to its recently-returned sponsors, which include IBM and Exxon-Mobil, who basically come together to celebrate not just the Masters but the First Amendment," says Strassel. "They are back, which is great, not just because the Masters is a bright spot in a broader sort of sports world that's been plagued by scandals, but also because no company should ever have to feel embarrassed about working with a private organization that's exercising its constitutional right for assembly."

the Pope April is the Cruelest Month
This week millions were transfixed by images of the Pope's death, funeral and preparations for the conclave to pick the next pope. An inspiring end for Pope John Paul II and a high note for television coverage, says Daniel Henninger. "This is a medium that is called the Vast Wasteland, which normally gives us DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, Scott Peterson, and SURVIVOR," says Henninger. "But here they show that they're capable of standing back and depicting in images and words a life, in a very moving and thoughtful way. It gave us time to look at it, to think about it and to reflect. I say a tony, if not an Emmy, to the medium of television for showing us just how good it can be."