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Tony and Tacky
April 15, 2005

Good taste or bad is revealed in everything we are, do, have. Emily Post

Virginia Gov Mark Warner celebrate new tough spammer law at AOL headquarters Spammer to the Slammer
Virginia is for lovers, not for sham porn spammers. A Loudoun County judge sentenced Jeremy Jaynes to nine years in prison for sending up to 10 million falsely-labeled spam a day peddling pornography and phoney services. A tony for the Virginia jury for being the first to convict the spam artist of a felony, says Daniel Henninger. "It's mind-boggling. He was grossing between $500,00 and $750,000 a month! One of my favorite products that he was selling was the FedEx refund processor. Remember when you were in camp and they used to send you to the other camp for a bacon stretcher? This gives new meaning to the saying, 'There's a sucker born every minute.'"

You Play, You Pay Online music
This week the music industry launched another attack on illegal downloading, filing almost 1000 lawsuits in 11 countries. "A tony for the music industry for coming together to enforce what is a cornerstone of democratic societies -- intellectual property laws," says Kimberley Strassel. Fans have no excuse for illegal downloading when music is so easily purchased online, she adds. The weak link in the industry's enforcement action is overseas theft, says Strassel. "It's nice to see all these executives coming together and basically saying, 'We're going to protect the right for artists to profit from their own creativity and we're going to do it no matter where it happens in the world.'"

Immigrant Workers Three Quarters There
A new survey of Americans -- Democrats and Republicans -- shows 75 percent believe that if immigrants are working, paying taxes, and learning to speak English, there should be a way for them to become U.S. citizens. A refreshing response to anti-immigrant vitriol heard on some talk radio these days, says Jason Riley. "That is sort of what Bush is saying and what he is proposing in his guest worker program," says Riley. "It's nice to know that a lot of the country is with him, even if some members of his own party are not."