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Tony and Tacky
May 13, 2005

burger and fries Gold in Them Thar Fries
Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick has proposed a fast tax fix that John Fund says will unduly penalize those who can least afford to pay. Kilpatrick wants to target fast food restaurants for a special two percent tax, in addition to an existing six percent restaurant tax, says Fund. "I think liberals should think very carefully about this. If you go to inner city fast food restaurants, who do you see there? Young people and senior citizens, because they don't have much money to eat anywhere else. There used to be a time when liberals would be horrified that you were passing aggressive tax on the poor when they were eating."

Situation Normal Washinton D.C.
A small plane which seemed headed for the White House created widespread anxiety in Washington this week before it was escorted away by a helicopter and two F-16 fighter jets. "It's hard not to think of 'the Russians are coming, the Russians are coming' when you consider this story. Two yokels get in a two-seater Cessna in Pennsylvania, they go wandering out towards what they think is North Carolina, they get lost, and they fly into Washington air space. Fighters scramble, people go screaming from buildings and mayhem ensues. It sounds like a bad movie. But the fact is, this is the way we live now. It's just not fun. But we live this way because of the demonstrated threat of Islamic terrorism, and we're going to have to live this way until the threat is put to rest."

Ground Zero model Towers Are His Thing
After three and a half years of wrangling over what to build on the site of the World Trade Center, Ground Zero is still effectively a hole in the ground. An emphatic tacky to Governor George Pataki and Mayor Mike Bloomberg, says Melanie Kirkpatrick. "However, I would say there is a New Yorker who has a lot of experience in building big buildings and also cutting some government bureaucracy," says Kirkpatrick. "His name is Donald Trump, and I think this whole project should be turned over to him. And while I'm at it, let me steal a line from Donald Trump and say about the mayor and the governor: 'You're fired.'"