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Briefing and Opinion
September 17, 2004

The Swing States
Democratic rally August 5 rally in Jefferson City, Missouri.

(AP Photo/Laura Rauch)
The public opinion polls agree that the election is very tight, with an unusually small number of undecided voters. This makes the 16 hotly contested swing states all the more critical. They total 172 electoral votes and neither candidate can win without adding a big chunk of them to those votes he figures to win easily. Read about some of the issues facing undecided voters in the two features below.
Lehigh Valley
Lehigh Valley
With about six weeks to go before the election, the JOURNAL EDITORIAL REPORT travels to the Lehigh Valley, where voters have an almost perfect record over the past 20 years of picking the winners.

Interactive Map Interactive map
Explore an interactive map of battleground states which shows how candidates are wooing undecided votes and also offers a comic peek at how it feels for some to be the object of the candidates' affection.