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September 17, 2004

Violence in Iraq
An Iraqi soldier keeps guard as citizens demonstrate against rising insurgency.

An Iraqi soldier keeps guard as citizens demonstrate against rising insurgency in Baghdad. The banner reads "No to insurgency, yes to new Iraq, yes to freedom and democracy." (AP/Hussein Malla)

The map of Iraq last week was dotted with places where the insurgents were on the attack and American officials conceded that there are areas of the country where neither American forces nor Iraqi security forces were in control, or likely to be very soon. In response to the growing violence, the Bush administration formally announced that it was shifting about three billion dollars from reconstruction to programs aimed at improving security and providing jobs.
Paul Gigot
Paul Gigot
"What explains this spike in violence? Does it mean that we're losing the battle with the insurgency?"
Susan Lee
Susan Lee
"I think that there's an escalation of violence and increasing coordination among these groups. It's time to say, mistakes were made. And to me, one of the big mistakes was Fallujah."
Daniel Henninger
Daniel Henninger
"What they have proven they can do is create car bombs, assassins and beheadings. That is in no way the same thing as suggesting that the people of Iraq, all 25 million of them, are opposing the American presence."
Dorothy Rabinowitz
Dorothy Rabinowitz
"If you took every war that we've been involved in and created this intense media scrutiny on every catastrophe, it would all seem like this. The best laid plans..."
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