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Tony and Tacky
September 24, 2004

Good taste or bad is revealed in everything we are, do, have. Emily Post

United Nations UN-Seemly
Warm applause for Robert Mugabe, President of Zimbabwe, and cold silence for President Bush this week at the United Nations. A very tacky moment, says Dorothy Rabinowitz. Mugabe has managed to turn a once-thriving nation into an impoverished one and has visited mayhem on the democratic process, she says. "What does this matter to the United Nations, where if you wish to get a warm ovation you need only assault western imperialism?"

What me? Read? Confessions of an Heiress
When told that her book, CONFESSIONS OF AN HEIRESS, was number five on the WSJ Bestseller List, Paris Hilton replied, "What's the WALL STREET JOURNAL? Is that good?" Not just good -- pure marketing genius, say Susan Lee. "One must fight the impulse to dismiss Hilton as a ditzy blonde." Had Hilton confessed she read the JOURNAL daily, says Lee, her cover would be blown and her franchise as a sex kitten compromised.

Cat Steven's Album Cover Cats Me-OW!
Daniel Henninger gives the authorites half a tony for trying to keep a suspected terrorist out of the United States. But the other half of his tony he dedicates to the Cat Stevens of yore. Clasping his own "Tea for the Tillerman" LP, Henninger suggests that, sadly, we no longer live in that sweet melancholy world of the 1970s. "Most everyone who gets on a plane in Europe flying back to the United States says 'I hope I make it.' I'm glad to see that the authorities are at least attempting to get it right."