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Tony and Tacky
October 15, 2004

Good taste or bad is revealed in everything we are, do, have. Emily Post

Afghanistan elections A Noteworthy Vote
Dan Henninger gives all "10 fingers" -- we put them together and call it a hand -- to the world's newest democracy. "If there were a contest for the world's most ungovernable, God-forsaken country, Afghanistan might win," says Henninger. Until this last weekend, that is, when they held the country's first-ever direct presidential elections. "Women who had not voted there in the zillion-year history of Afghanistan stood in lines in villages and towns all over the country to cast a ballot," says Henninger. Click here to view a photo essay of the event.

A Champion Economist Edward Prescott
Susan Lee grants a tony to the Nobel Prize Committee for giving the award to economist Edward Prescott. "He essentially took an entire field, macro-economics, which was going off in a kind of incoherent direction, and turned it around," she says. Not only is Prescott the "biggest brain of the century," she says, but he is a modest man as well. Best of all, when asked if he liked President Bush's tax cuts, Prescott replied, "Oh, I didn't like them. They were too SMALL." Now that, says Lee, is a champion economist.

Senator John Edwards Senatorial Snake Oil
Using the death of Christopher Reeve to say, "Vote for John Kerry and me and the paralyzed will get up out of their chairs and walk," is not just tacky, it's senatorial snake oil, says Dorothy Rabinotwiz. This is not the first time Edwards has referred to supernatural powers, she adds, he's made other dubious claims in court. "I have to say, it sort of told us a little bit about this attorney's view of the electorate," says Rabinowitz. "This week he seems to have mistaken us for one of those very gullible jurors."