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Briefing and Opinion
October 22, 2004

Medical Liability Crisis

Just under the radar in this busy election season, there are referenda in five states which attempt to deal with the costs of medical malpractice lawsuits and insurance premiums, which have gone so high they threaten our health care. The American Medical Association claims there's a medical liability crisis in 20 states. How widespread is the problem and what is the impact? Below are two features which examine the issue from a wide variety of perspectives.
Unhealthy Consequences
Unhealthy Consequences

Correspondent Celeste Ford visits with the Smiths -- a family of doctors who say that high insurance costs have dramatically changed the way they practice medicine.

Medical Error

What do we know about medical mishaps and what can be done to reduce them? We look for answers in a collection of essays on the subject from the book MEDICAL ERROR.
Presidential debate
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