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Briefing and Opinion
October 29, 2004

Electoral College

If you live in a state where the vote is not close, the presidential campaigns have not spent much time or money on your vote recently, primarily because the Electoral College is a winner-take-all system. What are the pros and cons of this system and is it time for a change? Correspondent Rick Karr examines Amendment 36, Colorado's effort to reform the process. Then, an examination of the Electoral College by two experts on the subject, George Edwards and Alexander Keyssar.
No on 36
Electoral Guinea Pig

Angry voters, hanging chads and the mother-of-all supreme court battles. Florida 2000 was a mess, what might happen in Colorado this year?

Electoral College

What were the reasons the founding fathers settled on the Electoral College system? Is it still the best way to elect a president or should it be reformed?
Electoral College