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Briefing and Opinion
November 5, 2004

Supreme Court

President Bush made a lot of promises during the campaign, and starting in January he'll have his best chance to deliver. He'll be working with a Congress that has more Republicans than this one, and a Democratic opposition hurt by the loss of its current leaders, Tom Daschle and Dick Gebhardt. Below, Paul Gigot asks two men who know the ways of Washington to handicap what will happen on some of the toughest issues, including Social Security and the Supreme Court.
Promises and Politics
Promises & Politics

From Social Security reform and permanent tax breaks to the remaking of the Supreme Court, the second-term Bush agenda is wide-reaching and aggressively partisan. How will it be implemented?

Stealing Elections

John Fund, columnist for the WSJ's offers insight into the state of the U.S. electoral system.
Stealing Elections
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