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Tony and Tacky
December 10, 2004

Good taste or bad is revealed in everything we are, do, have. Emily Post

John Snow and President Bush Flaky Appointment
President Bush asked John Snow to remain in his position as Treasury Secretary this week. However, says Daniel Henninger, the administration handled the reappointment so badly, that Snow emerged both winner and loser. "This Snow appointment is not going to win this White House the Malcolm Balderidge award for managerial excellence," says Henninger, who gives the administration a tacky instead. "John Snow was on the bubble. Then the White House managed to leak out that maybe he was going to stay on for a few more months and then the news leaked that there were other names in play." Too much confusion around the reappointment augurs ill for the administration's economic policy, adds Henninger. "And, it still not clear that Snow is going to be a strong public advocate for the administration's economic policies."

Red Herring Vladimir Putin
In a Kremlin meeting with interim Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that he frankly could not imagine how January elections could be organized while the country was under full occupation by foreign troops. "Isn't this the same Vladimir Putin who just tried to rig the election in Ukraine, or at least sided with the people who did?" asks Robert Pollock, who gives Putin a tacky for his hypocritcal concerns. "I think Bush's efforts to try to mend fences with Russia in his first term were a noble effort, but I think it's time to admit that they have failed. It's time that he heard more from us, and from the silent majority of Russians who don't want their country to be a national pariah again."

James Gandolfini and Tony Sirico Hollywood High Note
To show their support for the troops in Iraq, Tony Soprano and Paulie Walnuts did something tough guys are normally loathe to do -- they dropped in at a police station. The station in Mosul was one of many stops for actors James Gandolfini and Tony Sirico of HBO's THE SOPRANOS during their USO tour of Iraq and Kuwait. "A toast to Tony and Paulie for entering the zone of real mortal danger for the edification and the fun of the troops who are there facing it," says Dorothy Rabinowitz. "What a terrific display they made over there," she adds, by tirelessly signing autographs for hours and hours, not wanting to disappoint a single soldier.