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Tony and Tacky
December 17, 2004

Good taste or bad is revealed in everything we are, do, have. Emily Post

I Am Charlotte Simmons Skip This Scene
A tony to London's LITERARY REVIEW magazine for awarding Tom Wolfe's recent novel I AM CHARLOTTE SIMMONS its "bad sex in fiction" award, says Kimberley Strassel. The novel tells the story of a naive co-ed's education in the worldy ways of her fellow students at the fictional Dupont University. "This isn't to say anything bad about sex in literature, which has a long and glorious past, but simply to say that when it's done badly, it can be really excruciating to read," says Strassel. "A tony to the REVIEW for reminding us of this and for warning Tom Wolfe fans that it might be better to skip over some of his purple passages if we read his latest novel."

Dr. v. Mickey D's McDonald's
An Ohio doctor's prescription for obesity has Jason Riley siding with fast food over food fascists. Riley gives a tony to a Cleveland McDonald's that is resisting efforts by a neighboring clinic doctor to shut the franchise down. "McDonald's has become a symbol of America's obesity problem, but this calls for more personal responsibility on the part of Americans. We don't need doctors dictating where we should eat, let alone shutting down legitimate businesses and putting people out of work."

Pale Male A Hawk's Eye View
For over a decade, a red-tailed hawk named Pale Male made his home on a Fifth Avenue highrise overlooking Central Park. When the nest came down last week due to neighbor complaints, there was an uproar in Manhattan, says Melanie Kirkpatrick. "Ornithologists gave learned opinions. Lawyers, architects, real estate moguls got involved. There were protesters holding vigils outside on the sidewalk," says Kirkpatrick. "I give a tony to the hawks for giving the people of New York so much pleasure. Now that the apartment building has agreed to let the hawks build their nest again, I will also say, welcome home."