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Daniel Henninger's Wonderland

The Front Page January 7, 2005
Lead Story
Alberto Gonzales
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Rules of Interrogation
Confirmation hearings for Attorney General nominee Alberto Gonzales renew public debate on the limits of detainee interrogation techniques.
Briefing & Opinion
hydrogen graphic
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Energy Independence
Dependency on Middle Eastern oil makes the U.S. vulnerable to the vagaries of the region. Alternative oil supplies and energy options such as hydrogen or nuclear power offer possible solutions.
Tony & Tacky
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Second Chances
A losing Viktor and anti-Allegiance atheist take their cases to court as Palestinians prepare to go to the polls to choose a new leader.

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Paul Gigot
Your Host: Paul Gigot -- read his bio and meet the Journal Editorial Board
This week's poll

Does the U.S. decision to deny detainees protections under the Geneva Convention increase the risk of torture for captured American soldiers?

Yes 34% No 65%

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