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The Front Page January 14, 2005
Lead Story
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Judges Unfettered
The Supreme Court has ruled that federal courts can regard sentencing guidelines as advisory, rather than mandatory. Judges will have broad discretion in sentencing criminals. Will the public be safer?
Briefing & Opinion
border patrol
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Making Sense of Immigration
President Bush has made immigration reform a top priority. Our panel discusses Bush's guest worker program and Rick Karr speaks to border state residents on both sides of the issue.
Tony & Tacky
Abraham Lincoln
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Unmasked Men
A president is outed and a commentator co-opted for political purposes while a prince turns Nazi for no apparent reason at all.

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Paul Gigot
Your Host: Paul Gigot -- read his bio and meet the Journal Editorial Board
This week's poll

Should illegal immigrant workers already in the U.S. be given amnesty under the guest worker program?

Yes 72% No 27%

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