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In association with the Opinion Journal from the Wall Street Journal

The Front Page March 25, 2005
Lead Story
Woman protesting Schiavo case
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Right to Live
and Die
While most Americans seem to agree that how one chooses to die is a very personal, not political decision, the highly disputed case of Terri Shiavo shows how the two at times collide.
Briefing & Opinion
Man protesting in front of the Supreme Court
Who Decides?
What is the proper forum to debate the "right to die?" The courts? The Congress? State legislatures? A roundup of opinions from politicians and the public on who should answer this question of life or death.
Tony & Tacky
Graphic -- The First Extrasolar Planets
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A Light From Above
An extrasolar glow brightens an emotional week of life-or-death decisions, political hubris, and "snowball rage."

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Host Paul Gigot
This week's poll

Do you think Congress was justified in its intervention into the Terri Schiavo case?

Yes 59% No 40%

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