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Political Diary

The Front Page April 22, 2005
Lead Story
Tom Delay and the NRA
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Ethical Lapses: Perceived & Real
Congress failed this week to come to grips with the ethics controversy swirling around House Majority Leader Tom DeLay. Our panel debates the charges, real and political.
Briefing & Opinion
Chinese protesters
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Growing Pains
China, the world's second superpower, challenges the United States and its allies, most recently Japan, with widespread protests. Michael Gonzalez reports from Hong Kong.
Tony & Tacky
John Bolton
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The Finish Line
To cross it, John Bolton must learn to use finger bowls, Washington state must learn to count and Lance Armstrong must cease to be quite so extraordinary.

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Photo Essay
Chinese protest
Face-offs &
Saving Face
A photo essay of some of the events causing an upsurge of Chinese nationalism and a backlash against historic foes, the Japanese.

Host Paul Gigot
This week's poll

Should the government edit history textbooks to encourage students to be patriotic?

Yes 24% No 75%

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