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Political Diary

The Front Page May 6, 2005
Lead Story
Senators Bill Frist
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Filibuster Test
The panel examines the looming Senate showdown over judges: the judicial merits of the nominees, the constitutional arguments and the political stakes.
Briefing & Opinion
Tony Blair
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The Week in News
Tony Blair wins a third term in Britain's General Election, IBM cuts its workforce in Western Europe and one Abu Ghraib defendant must change her guilty plea.
Tony & Tacky
Police officers in D.C. subway
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Prole Model?
Millionaire Yao Ming may not be a model prole, but he makes an excellent impression on Westerners. Thus, this May Day, the Chinese rewarded the basketball player for being a model ambassador.

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Photo Essay
Chinese protest
A Mixed Victory
A photoessay of some of the events in the British General Election, where Tony Blair was re-elected, but many in his Labour Party were not.

Host Paul Gigot
This week's poll

Do you think the Labour Party suffered because of Tony Blair's support of the war in Iraq?

Yes 71% No 28%

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