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Political Diary

The Front Page May 13, 2005
Lead Story
North Carolina Billboard
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Shifting Forces
The Pentagon recommends closing 33 major facilities, and reorganizing others. Our panel discusses the rationale behind, and potential impact of, the restructuring.
Portsmouth Naval Shipyard

Sub Shipyard
Faces Cut
Maine's Portsmouth Naval Shipyard finds itself on the Pentagon's list of military facilities recommended for closure. Community members vow not to give in without a fight.
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Briefing & Opinion
Dancing elephant
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The Week In News
United Airlines unloads pension obligations on the government, Republican George Voinovich slams John Bolton, General Electric dons an ecomagination cap and discovers "Green is Green."
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Tony & Tacky
Ground Zero Plans
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Rising Costs of Freedom, Fries
Construction of Freedom Tower is delayed due to security concerns, an errant Cessna sends the White House scrambling and the Golden Arches prove a tempting taxable nugget.
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Host Paul Gigot
This week's poll

Should fast food be taxed higher than other restaurant meals?

Yes 15% No 84%

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