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Political Diary

The Front Page May 20, 2005
Lead Story
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Week in News
Four months into his second term, President Bush faces challenges that may determine whether he will be a lame duck president. The panel discusses the Senate battle over judges and the $295 billion highway bill.
Briefing & Opinion
Jake Brace
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Nyet Net
The move by United Airlines to dump its pension plans on the federal government has many Americans worried that their nest eggs may not be as safe as they believed.
Tony & Tacky
George Galloway
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George & Jane
Got Gall
The Senate can't get no respect from a Scottish MP, Harvard puts a $50 million price tag on diversity and an Ike in Kentucky says he is not fond of Jane, activist or mother-in-law.

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George Gardiner
Airline Vet
After working three decades for the airlines, retired United employee George Gardiner has seen the human toll of the industry's turmoil. story more>

Host Paul Gigot
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