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Political Diary

The Front Page May 27, 2005
Lead Story
Majority Leader Bill Frist
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Ambiguous Advances
What does the filibuster compromise mean for President Bush's present appellate, and future Supreme Court, judicial nominees?
Briefing & Opinion
intelligent design text
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Monkey See, Monkey Do?
Will one school board in Pennsylvania serve as a test case for others wishing to offer "intelligent design" as an alternative to evolutionary theory?
Tony & Tacky
Paris Hilton
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The Art of
John McCain plugs his latest pic at a filibuster press conference. Paris Hilton, author, shows us she can not only write, but also wash cars and herself while pretending to eat a very fattening BBQ burger.

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Evolution vs. Intelligent Design
Attorney Richard Thompson says Darwin is going down the tubes. Anthropologist Eugenie Scott says his case against evolution is nonsense.
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Host Paul Gigot
This week's poll

Should intelligent design be offered in high school science classes as an alternative to Darwin's theory of evolution?

Yes 28% No 71%

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