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Political Diary

The Front Page June 10, 2005
Lead Story
school children
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A Head Start
President Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair agreed to a plan that would cancel about $17 billion in debt owed by 18 of the poorest countries.
Briefing & Opinion
town of Troy
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I Choose to Object to Your Choice
As more pharmacists refuse to fill birth control prescriptions, the debate is surfacing in the courts and in Congress. A report from Troy, Illinois, and a Q&A on the issue.
Tony & Tacky

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Why, white evil lazy dudes in the White House, natch, say Democratic Party leader Howard Dean and crime writers on German public television.

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Africa in Distress
A photoessay of some of the challenges facing the African continent and efforts being made to confront them.

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Host Paul Gigot
This week's poll

Should pharmacists be allowed to refuse to fill certain prescriptions because they conscientiously object?

Yes 25% No 74%

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