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Political Diary

The Front Page June 24, 2005
Lead Story
Condoleezza Rice
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See Some Evil
Condoleezza Rice tells leaders of Egypt and Saudi Arabia that the U.S. will no longer turn a blind eye to rights abuses and challenges the nations to embrace democracy.
Briefing & Opinion
TABOR editorial cartoon
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Nice Concept,
Needs Work
Tired of paying higher state taxes for runaway spending? Across the nation there is growing support for a TAxpayer Bill Of Rights. Celeste Ford reports on Colorado's TABOR.
Tony & Tacky

Pac Man
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Burning the flag is bad, but is banning it worse? Guantanamo is grim, but can it compare to the Soviet Gulag? Speech is free, but listening, optional.

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Way Too Tight
Wade Buchanan, the director of a Colorado think tank and Tom Clark of the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce discuss the strengths and flaws of the state's TABOR.

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Host Paul Gigot
This week's poll

Do you think your state would benefit from a Taxpayer Bill of Rights?

Yes 21% No 78%

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