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The Front Page July 1, 2005
Lead Story
Sandra Day O'Connor
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Here Retires a Good Judge
Justice Sandra Day O'Connor resigned from the Supreme Court after 24 years, setting up a major battle in Washington over the composition and ideology of the Court.
Briefing & Opinion
troops in Iraq
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A Day in the
Life of Iraq
The administration is engaged in a fullscale effort to build public support for President Bush's policies in Iraq. Key questions for many: what progress has been made and what is the ETD?
Tony & Tacky

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Live Free or Die
A motto for New Hampshire where an ironic bid for one Justice's barn makes a supremely clear point and a fitting mantra for a July 4th weekend when many will have independence on their minds.

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Presidential Speech
President Bush
President Bush
on Iraq, GWOT
President Bush visits Ft. Bragg and reiterates his position that the U.S. must attack terrorists abroad, lest they attack us at home.

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Host Paul Gigot
Your Host: Paul Gigot -- read his bio and meet the Journal Editorial Board
Upcoming Program
London Underground

Terror in London

Coordinated bombings in London. What does this mean for the war on terror? And China's bid to take over an American oil company. Is it a threat to U.S. security?

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