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The Front Page September 17, 2004
Lead Story
Map of Iraq
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Violence in Iraq
How is the rash of recent attacks in Iraq challenging the president's plans to bring stability to the country and will it impact the U.S. elections?
Lehigh Valley
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Promises & Politics
THE JOURNAL EDITORIAL REPORT travels to Lehigh, Pennsylvania, to discuss the upcoming presidential elections with undecided voters.
Rob Pollock
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Iran and Nuclear Weapons
How serious is the threat of nuclear weapons in the hands of rogue regimes? Paul Gigot interviews Robert Pollock, WSJ editorial page contributor.
Oprah Winfrey

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A Totally Tony Week
Dogs who shoot back, homeowners who ride out hurricanes and cars, cars, cars for everyone!!!

Host Paul Gigot
Your Host: Paul Gigot -- read his bio and meet the Journal Editorial Board
This week's poll

Do you believe the war in Iraq will be the deciding factor in the presidential elections?

Yes 77% No 22%

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