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The Front Page October 21, 2005
Lead Story
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A new chapter for auto workers this week. Squeezed hard by foreign automakers, GM and the United Auto Workers get together to slash the cost of health benefits. What does this bode for U.S. workers?
Briefing & Opinion
Saddam Hussein
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Busy Week for Lawyers
The trial of Saddam Hussein begins in Bagdad, the White House defends Harriet Miers and a special prosecutor mulls the fate of Karl Rove and I. Lewis Libby.
Tony & Tacky

Robert Mugabe in Rome
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Lend Them a Hand
And they take your arm. Agriculture expert Robert Mugabe offers advice to the U.N., Barry Bonds' trainer gets jail time and the U.S. rejects British MRE's for Katrina victims.

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Host Paul Gigot
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