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The Front Page November 11, 2005
Lead Story
Ahmed Chalabi
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Ahmed Chalabi On Iraq's Future
The Iraqi deputy prime minister joins the panel to discuss his rocky past with the Bush Administration, present realities in Iraq and future priorities for the Iraqi people.
Briefing & Opinion
President Bush and Jerry Kilgore
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GOP Wake-Up Call
Or No Biggie?
How significant are the gubernatorial elections in New Jersey and Virginia and the defeat of all four California referenda pushed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenneger?
Tony & Tacky

pay raise protest
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Outrage & Its
Many Outlets
Pennsylvania voters revolt against pay raises for public officials and against a school board that promoted intelligent design. Immigration foes fan flames of French rioters to ignite anti-immigration sentiment in the U.S.

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Contractor Lance Powers of Rochester, N.H. poses outside his truck before meeting with Logan Darrow Clements of Los Angeles Aug. 22, 2005, in Manchester, N.H. Clements is trying to seize Chief Justice Souter's Weare, N.H. home for being one of five justices who sided with the city of New London, Conn., in June in a decision favoring government power to seize private property by eminent domain. (AP/Jim Cole)
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