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The Front Page November 18, 2005
Lead Story
American soldiers with detainee
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Torturous Debate
Which of America's enemies should get the protection given to prisoners of war? What is torture and is it ever justified? A review of these questions being debated bitterly in the war on terror.
Briefing & Opinion
eminent domain protest
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Blight in the Eye of the Beholder
When, if ever, should the government be allowed to seize citizens' private property for economic development? The impact of the Kelo decision and the case of Long Branch, NJ.
Tony & Tacky

school girl's sign
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Knows Best
As Principal Skinner's mother likes to say, "A curvy spine is the devil's roller coaster." And sometimes there is nothing like a little shaming to set it straight.

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Host Paul Gigot
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