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Political Diary

The Front Page December 2, 2005
Lead Story
Paul Gigot
Farewell PBS
After 15 months, THE JOURNAL EDITORIAL REPORT signs off PBS with parting thoughts and a few words of gratitude to those who have made the program possible.
Lead Story
Iranian women with guns
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Reviewing the Record
The panel looks back at key issues covered in the program -- the war in Iraq, the economy, Social Security, and taxes -- to offer updates on the stories and to evaluate what progress has been made.
Briefing & Opinion
Bush and Social Security cartoon by Larry Wright, THE DETROIT NEWS
Online Features
A photo essay of recent avian flu developments around the world.

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Tony & Tacky
Chief Illiniwek
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Nah, Nah,
Nah, Nah!
Sassy Smurfs have reasons for feeling blue, the Nobel Prize lit winner has nasty words for the U.S. and Laura Bush stands by her husband's pick for the Supreme Court.

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Host Paul Gigot
Your Host: Paul Gigot -- read his bio and meet the Journal Editorial Board
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Do you think that shifting public opinions on the Iraqi war will negatively affect the Republicans' midterm campaigns?

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