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Washington Week
SITE: Children's Hospital
Multi-disciplinary lessons designed to help you support core curriculum with content developed by the PBS Children's Hospital program and Web site. The lessons address a variety of core subjects, including language arts, health, technology, and math.

News & Current Events, Politics/Election 2004, Arts & Leisure, Media
News & Current Events

LESSON PLAN: FRONTLINE - The Roots of Terrorism
Nine activities that deal with the roots of terrorism and the complex evolution of U.S. policy and Islamic fundamentalism.

LESSON PLAN: NOW - Foreign War and Domestic Freedom: A Delicate Balancing Act
Objectives of this lesson include describing the tension between external threats and internal liberty in democratic societies and contrasting previous instances when liberty was restricted in the U.S.

LESSON PLAN: WASHINGTON WEEK - The Road Map to Peace in the Middle East: Can it be Followed?
Objectives of the lesson include identifying the root causes of the conflict in the Middle East, evaluating past mid-East peace plans and comparing and contrasting these to President Bush's Road Map to Peace.

NEWSHOUR WITH JIM LEHRER special for students covering international news, national affairs, politics and the arts.

Politics/Elections 2004

SITE: PBS Kids Democracy Project
Try your hand at being President for a day, learn how government affects you, go inside a voting booth and more.

LESSON PLAN: NOW - Political Analysis Through Satire
Analyze differences between political satire and straight news reporting, and study the role and impact of satire on the democratic process.

LESSON PLAN: NEWSHOUR - Debating our Destiny
These lessons walk students through the presidential debates from 1976-1996 and help them think about how debates affect our political system. The goal is also to inspire broader interest in this year's elections.

LESSON PLAN: Could You Be A Speechwriter?
Students create their own political speeches, working under deadlines similar to political speechwriters.

Arts & Leisure

LESSON PLAN: Roots of American Music
Lesson plans explore the roots of a range of American music from blues and gospel to Native American.

LESSON PLAN: Mark Twain - A Report from the 21st Century
Students will imitate Twains ability to embellish his newspaper "reports" by "stretching" the truth about one of their own experiences.

LESSON PLAN: Allen Ginsberg: Poetry and Politics
Students read Ginsberg's poems, read about the work of other writers in the Beat movement, and investigate the larger social and political climate in which they lived.

LESSON PLAN: A Shadow Play: The Origins of Dictatorship
Make shadow puppets to represent characters/forces at play in the events described in the program. Students will then exhibit their puppets, explain puppets design, and explain the interaction between the puppets.


LESSON PLAN: NEWSHOUR - Be the Press: Local, National Issues
Lesson Plan
Students choose a national issue of interest to them, and interview someone on the local level about that issue.

Media literacy education helps students to critically evaluate the variety of information to which they are exposed, to understand the power and influence of the media, and to become informed, discriminating and active media consumers.

This guide provides teachers with background information and classroom activities to extend the viewing experience of the film "Muslims." The classroom exercises are designed for teachers who have a working knowledge of the difference between stereotypes and facts about Islam.

LESSON PLAN: NOW - Capturing the Stories of Ordinary People: Albert Maysles and Direct Cinema
This lesson gives students the opportunity to capture the stories of ordinary people on video as they practice the art of filmmaking according to the direct cinema style of documentarian Albert Maysles.