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Justice & The Generals
El Salvador
Around the World
About the Film
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About The Film - Credits
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Web Credits

Production Staff
David McCarthy, Producer
Brian Brunius, Producer
Mendy Johnson, Associate Producer
Josh Zizmor, Production Assistant
Peter Tierney, Web Video Production
Kemi Sijuwade, Research
John Uhl, Research

Design Staff
Sabina Daley, Art Director
Megan Greig, Designer
Ruiyan Xu, Production Artist

Technical Staff
Brian Lee, Technical Director
Ben Chappel, Lead Web Developer
Michael Della Bitta, HTML Implementation
Brian Santalone, HTML Implementation

Reed Brody
Anne Mahle
Michael Ratner
Amanda Smith

Harry Mattison
Maryknoll Archives

Special Thanks
To Professor Patty Blum at the International Human Rights
Law Clinic at the University of California Berkeley
for her help and support of this project.

TV Credits

Gail Pellett, Producer & Director

Alison Amron, Editor

Sidney Beaumont, Associate Producer

Gail Pellett, Writer & Narrator

Sidney Beaumont, Researcher

Michael Chin
Bob Goldsborough
Warren Jones
Chuck Levey
Al Lopez
Paul Mailman
Edward Marritz
Brett Wiley

Dan Edblom
Jim Gilchrist
Mark Griswold
Mark Mandler
Lupe Mejia
Witt Monts
Michael Stewart

Paul Hsu, Composer/Sound Design

Mary Ellen Manning, Composed & Performed Additional Music

Katy Mostoller, Assistant Editor

Thomas Long, Fixer/El Salvador

Ned Hallick
Vanya Edwards

John Roche

The film JUSTICE & THE GENERALS is a production of Gail Pellett Productions Inc. in association with Thirteen/WNET New York © 2002. All rights reserved.

Thirteen Online is a production of Thirteen/WNET New York's Kravis Multimedia Education Center in New York City. Anthony Chapman, Director of Interactive & Broadband. Bob Adleman, Business Manager. Carmen DiRienzo, Vice President and Managing Director, Corporate Affairs. © 2002 Thirteen/WNET. All rights reserved.

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Not sure how you feel about some of the issues raised in JUSTICE AND THE GENERALS? Read a stunning analysis by Harold Koh, former Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor. Then download the Viewer's Guide for discussion questions posed by Mr. Koh. >>