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Justice & The Generals
El Salvador
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Lesson Plans

The four learning activities incorporate timed segments of Justice and the Generals and pose questions to facilitate student understanding of the film's content and concepts. Students might read supplemental information to prepare for and participate in each learning activity.

In Lesson I, students explore El Salvador's history to ground them in the political and social circumstances leading to the nation's civil war and churchwomen's murder. In Lesson II, students examine the viability and enforceability of the Doctrine of Command Responsibility within the context of the Ford v. Garcia civil lawsuit and other international human rights abuses cases. In Lesson III, students examine international humanitarian law and the charged issues surrounding global compliance with its mandates. In Lesson IV, students look at United States foreign policy practices in nations with alleged human rights abuses.

Background Reading

The following are suggested teacher readings to provide students with relevant background on the Ford v. Garcia case.

Lesson Plans

1.  Learning from El Salvador's Past

2. Who Takes the Blame? Examining the Doctrine of Command Responsibility

3. The Legal Challenge of Human Rights Protection

4. United States: Friend or Foe of Human Rights?