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Justice & The Generals
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Around the World - The Issues
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Aside from piracy on the high seas, most crimes occur within the undisputed boundaries of sovereign nations. With rare exceptions, such nations are equipped to investigate and prosecute criminal acts committed within their borders.

But what happens when the accused flees the country? (This is of little concern if the charge is petty theft; a case of alleged torture changes the equation significantly.) Who will prosecute the case if war crimes are alleged? The answers are not always clear.

The essays in this section cover a broad spectrum of topics relevant to jurisdiction across the globe. Inherently controversial, international law becomes even more delicate when prosecuting human-rights violations. The issues are complex; fortunately, so are our writers, who illuminate the concepts listed to the right. Select the categories to learn more about some of the laws and ideas that are changing the world.


  • Universal Jurisdiction

  • Command Responsibility

  • Yamashita Case

  • Rwanda and Former Yugoslavia

  • Military Tribunals Versus Civil Trials

  • The International Criminal Court