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January 12th, 2009
My Comedian Hero
Carol Burnett
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Carol Burnett: Oh.  I loved The Sid Caesar Show.  We, I never watched, never got the chance really to watch Your Show of Shows that much because I was going to UCLA at the time and we’d just gotten a television set and I had homework, I had all kinds of projects that I was doing at school.  So, when I got to New York, I moved into a place called the Rehearsal Club, which Stage Door was written about.  It housed 25 young ladies interested in the theatre and had a, we had a, a woman who ran the club.  It was all very proper.  Young men couldn’t go anywhere beyond the parlor.  And I started on Saturday nights to watch Sid, because Sid Caesar Hour, I guess it was called that.  And that was when Nanette Fabray was on.  And of course Howie and Carl.  And I think Pat Carroll.  And I just couldn’t get over how clever everything looked and how funny, how funny they all were.  And, then I met a, a fella that we’d always go to the Stage Delicatessen and get coffee [COUGHS.] And his name was Milt Kingman and he was a wonderful comic.  And he stood in for Sid Caesar when they were blocking before they were gonna go live on Saturday nights.  And we became friends and he said, “Would you like to come see a rehearsal?” I said, “Absolutely.” And so he snuck me and, and I sat up in the balcony and I watched, watched Milt stand in for him and then Sid would do… looking at the camera shots.  And then he’d come out and then they’d do this rehearsal with all of ‘em.  And then I’d run home, and that would be at 5 o’clock and then at 8 o’clock the show would go on.  And I could see where’d they’d made changes and done different things and how they had tweaked it and made it better. And My Fair Lady opened and two tickets were donated to the rehearsal club and I won the lottery.  And so I won two tickets to My Fair Lady on a Saturday night.  I never told this to Julie.  Anyway, I gave the tickets to my roommate because I said, “Fair Lady’s gonna be running for a hundred years.  I know I’ll get to see it but Sid Caesar is live and I’ll never see that again and I want to see what they’re doing.”

  • Paul Gutheil

    We absolutely love Carol Burnett and Sid Caesar.
    Heartfelt thanks for countless laughs and wonderful, wonderful memories. God Bless You Both!

  • Bill Glass

    Error in the text: Not Milt Kingman … it was Milt KAMEN … a great comic, in the Shelley Berman mold.

  • John Bialas

    Who was Milt Kamen, you ask? He was a Catskills comic with a vivid imagination, and he did a standup album in the early sixties with help from Groucho Marx and Mel Brooks. He wrote a brilliant piece about Israel’s El Al Airlines where the pilot announced, “We need medical assistance. Is there anyone on the plane who is NOT a doctor?”

  • Amy Ragsdale

    Marion Ragsdale, my fabulous mother, was a resident of The Rehearsal Club and is helping raise money for the Club. One way is through the “Key”, an replication in sterling of the key to the front door of the Rehearsal Club. A percentage of the sale price will be donated to the Club by me.

  • Margaret


    Please join my group for Carol Burnett.

  • Isadora Scibilia

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