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January 7th, 2009
The Online Episode
Teh Internets

Warning: The following video contains mature content. Or immature content, depending on how you look at it. But it is not for kids.

What are “Teh Internets”? Urban Dictionary offers a quick explanation (Click here to go to Urban Dictionary’s definition. WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE) while you can find a more thorough explanation of the term on Wikipedia’s “Internets” page.

“Teh Internets” is a half hour long program that seeks to academically understand the popularity of different content online, identifying common themes such as absurdist humor, cuteness, and a dada-esque ability to recontextualize traditional media for comedy’s sake. The conversation seeks to build upon the first six episodes of Make ‘Em Laugh series by identifying Internet humor as the next step in the rich history of comedy. We hope to show that our current comedic trends online are still just standing on the shoulders of giants — the comedic greats of the last century.

  • Michael Henderson

    I would like to see episodes of What’s Happening with Dewayne and Ree Run.Thanks!

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  • Andrew

    “sweep through the nation like a cholera epidemic” >?? hilarious!

  • ashley

    i love amy sedaris.we should bet her up

  • Clyde Henderson

    I love Amy Sedaris. We should clone her.

  • Lee Quick

    I learned something: The web is a young man’s tool. Thank you, Amy.

  • Kevin

    Amy’s best work since “Strangers…” – this was good stuff!!!!

  • Marcus Tee

    I couldn’t get past 30 seconds. This is LAME!

  • Kevin

    Credit this production for predicting comments like Marcus Tee’s – so unoriginal.

  • Xilano

    The only time I laughed was when the lolcats showed up. Well, that and Tay Zonday. No mention of 4chan on this episode? That is madness and fail. It’s the meme factory of the internet.



  • Michael

    yeh, lame.. maybe their demographic is kindergartners.

  • Colin

    My favorite is the woman getting punched in the face. WHY IS IT FUNNY?!?!

  • Michael

    I’m glad to see Amy hosting, and on PBS, who thunk it? I like the direction of this and think that it’s relevant to our current culture and our history. The vast interwebs is able to cater to those of us deviants who like to laugh at others making an ass of themselves or merely a chipmunk staring at us with creepy music. Kills me every time. I’m hoping PBS continues addressing things that are of the now and the shaping of our culture. Deep thoughts.

  • Rival

    So where are these forums and site these the videos were posted on?

  • Goodish

    @rival /b/

  • Tosti

    I do not approve.

  • Cathy

    Funny. Thanks for the diversion.

  • Artemis

    Amy is wonderful and hysterical as always. I learned alot and am still passing on 2girls1cup. I adore her in 1982. It’s so nice to see her work her magic like this. I stay watching PBS.

  • Angreh

    w/o 4chan, this is FAIL

  • Bob

    Simply put: It’s not funny. America is becoming the land of morons.

  • Sean

    Hi Amy–We had a great time watching this, so thanks. (P.S. We really need the egg slicer back, but hold on to the power sander until you have finished experimenting.) Hugs and kisses. Yours, Mamuoud Amendinejad.

  • cs

    Ceiling Cat loves you.

  • terry

    This was worthy of the Bush White House. A total waste of time and resources.

  • Helen Heavey

    Amy Sidaris ruins an otherwise good show. Replace her with someone else who is actually funny

  • David Ullman

    I tuned in for the first of the series. 10 minutes later I tuned out. As a wise man once said: “…if you have to explain it it isn’t funny.” But there is no explanation for the awful clips from the “40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up” etc. I should remind you that this is PBS not Fox.

  • Eric

    “The internet is a vast godless jungle were rabid hyenas posing as fourteen year old girls wait to feast on your unsuspecting carcass…but there’s a dark side too.”


    BTW, Mr Ullman, I doubt the wisdom of whomever said, “if you have to explain it it isn’t funny”. If someone is viewing political or social satire it could outrageously hilarious but you would have to explain it to someone from another land who is not aware of the subject matter. So you’re bit of “wisdom” is not, QED. All it does is form an aesthetic rationale for the lowest forms of humor like slapstick. I suspect you, like my hypothesized foreigner do not have the requisite cultural orientation.

  • mike

    funniest thing i found on internets:

  • Yana

    Hey, it turns out “teh internets” wasn’t funny on 4chan either. Actually, nothing from there is funny, so…

  • Herman Trotter

    Maybe he was covered in episode #1,which I didn’t see. If not I hope George Gobel gets some coverage in episode #3. At his best, there was none funnier.


    What happened to Bob Hope? I have not as of yet seen a segment on him? Just one of the greatest entertainers of all time! He should be featured. What about Milton Berle?

  • Doc Martin

    You know, there’s a reason why the “celebrities” on the internet haven’t been discovered yet. Most of them just aren’t funny. That guy with the water wings, the high pitched voice and the kiddie pool? That reminds me of those old episodes of “America’s Funniest Home Videos” with the staged videos that made you cringe.

    Face it, the good old interweb is becoming a big old convoluted mess of Web 2.0 content that is scraping the bottom of the barrel of comedy. This guy sings a song called Chocolate Rain in a deep voice and dorky glasses! Lulz! Ha ha ha some guy cringed at watching those girls eat poo! These guys made a video about some guy that breaks his leg! Hilarious!

    I’ll stick to my Cold Media-ified funny TV.

  • Team Latex

    This is just those shows on VH1 & E! where d-list celebs discuss a subject. “I LOVE THE ‘80S” Amy Sedaris is very good here but who cares what these other dim wits say about the internet?

  • jennimi

    I still think live standup and ensemble comedy trumps any viral vid I have seen. The anty is upped when you’re standing in front of your audience. How would YouTube comments look if folks had to face the subjects of their insightful “reviews”? That said, Amy Sedaris rawks. Cute piece.

  • Digital_Ronin

    I was a little bit dissapointed, because PBS got Doug Walker AKA ThatGuyWithTheGlasses to do the commercial for the series, and I wanted to see them give him some credit. Still a great episode, very funny. I think that a lot of people who don’t understand web comedy should see this episode, even if it so they can dislike from a more informed position.
    Now go, and watch some 5-second videos!

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  • Shan L.

    I was hoping that PBS would include at least a passing reference to the brilliant and seminal “Firesign Theater”. Complicated? Esoteric? Definitely! Influential? Absolutely. Shame on you guys!

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  • V

    awesome Tracie Egan

  • Episodes Online

    I don’t usually reply to storys but I will in this case. :)

  • Jake

    I love the “Make ‘em Laugh” series, but I this was so horribly produced I can’t believe the two are connected.


    Came from where they had a headline link for “Defecation Row” perhaps the only scatological reference you missed. Nice job (as far as poop and Dylan go) (I can’t believe I just typed “poop and Dylan go”)

  • Just

    I really enjoy this thoughts! The info is priceless. Thanks for all the articles and making my personal life. Thank you, Just

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