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Tributes: George Carlin on Danny Kaye

George Carlin explains how Danny Kaye's performance inspired him to eventually become a comedian.

Feb 10th, 2009 | Comments

Tributes: Cheech Marin on “The Kingfish” from Amos ‘n’ Andy

Cheech Marin remembers how the Amos 'n' Andy taught him how surreal good black humor can be.

Feb 10th, 2009 | Comments

Tributes: Larry Gelbart on Fred Allen

Larry Gelbart explains how Fred Allen's comedy was an acquired taste.

Feb 10th, 2009 | Comments

Tributes: Bernie Brillstein on John Belushi

Bernie Brillstein remembers how John Belushi's true passion was rock 'n roll and how he had always wanted to be a rock star.

Feb 10th, 2009 | Comments

Tributes: Max Mutchnick on Will & Grace

Max Mutchnick, the creator of Will & Grace, recalls how he was proud to keep the show on the air in light of criticism.

Feb 10th, 2009 | Comments

Tributes: Alan Buz Kohan on Fred Allen

Kohan remembers Fred Allen as the thinking man's comedian.

Feb 9th, 2009 | Comments

Tributes: Jack Klugman on the Appeal of The Odd Couple

Jack Klugman explains how audience were able to universally relate to the comedic situations in The Odd Couple.

Feb 9th, 2009 | Comments

Tributes: Rose Marie on Mary Tyler Moore

Rose Marie recalls Mary Tyler Moore's ambition and tenacity.

Feb 9th, 2009 | Comments

Tributes: Anne Beatts on Gilda Radner

Anne Beatts remembers Gilda Radners gracious attitude towards her audience and other comedians.

Feb 9th, 2009 | Comments

Great Lines: George Shapiro Talks About The End of Seinfeld

George Shapiro remembers how Jerry Seinfeld made the decision to end his popular sitcom after 9 strong seasons.

Jan 21st, 2009 | Comments
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