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The Retirement Blues

Living from paycheck to paycheck, this trumpet player hasn't saved for retirement. Read the suggestions our financial advisor had for him.
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Escaping from Credit Card Debt

She made it through college, but not without a lot of credit card debt. Now she's trying to get out of the red. Read the tips our expert shared with her.
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Cut-Up Your Credit Cards

Learn some expert tips on how to work with creditors to pay down stifling credit card bills and live debt-free. The first tip: Stop spending.
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Grad School Here I Come ...

Meet a newly-married couple who found themselves knee-deep in debt while trying to finance a return to grad school while juggling their education-related bills.
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Where there's a will ...

Get the low-down on wills, and why it's essential do do some estate planning now if you've got a spouse, children, any assets, valuables, or heirlooms.
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Mortgage Madness

Got an itch to buy a home? Planning the percentage of down-payment you'll make can be tricky when you also consider the need for a prudent cash reserve.
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Money Management and Elder Care

No matter how much money you make, taking care of an elderly parent while planning for your own retirement can be a daunting challenge.
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Newlyweds Face the Future

When a newly-married couple asked THAT MONEY SHOW how to save for retirement, education, and a honeymoon, all while paying-off old debt, we called in an expert.
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Debt Galore? Who Can You Trust?

Many companies advertise their promises to clear-up your credit and get you out of debt fast. But who can you trust to help you with your finances?
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Mutual Funds 101

Learn the basics of choosing a good mutual fund, planning the duration of your mutual fund investment, and structuring a portfolio, with Jason Zweig of MONEY Magazine.
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Investing With a Fixed Income

While living on a fixed income is difficult for some, this lady proves it's possible to balance your budget and still make investments for the future.
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Home Repairs and Home Equity

A single mom faces a tough question: Repair the boiler in our house or save for my son's college education? Our expert responds: Do both! Here's how.
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