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Understanding Public Relations

Public relations is an art form that carries a lot of importance. When you understand basic public relations, you will know how to work with the media to have a story covered. Or you will understand how to work with the media if a controversial subject or incident occurs. Through press releases, press conferences, and other major special events, you can successfully have your company shine and look good to your customers, associates, and even the competition. Learn how to create a press kit that will impress the media, and treat them with respect at all times. Learn how to carefully craft a press release that everyone can't wait to publish. Remember, if your goal is to have a good public image, then take the time to learn and understand how public relations really works.

There are many good articles on the Web about public relations, promotions, effective marketing, writing press releases, and organizing press conferences. Also, your local bookseller probably has a good selection of related titles.

To help you get started, here are a few links to useful information on the Web. Remember, you have to do your homework if you want a good grade.

  1. Press Releases Step-by-Step
  2. Getting Free Publicity

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