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MBA Illustration

Leadership Skills

Leadership incorporates many diverse skills and qualities, and for many people it does not come naturally. A good leader is one who can find the balance in managing, delegating, disciplining, instructing, encouraging, and sympathizing. A good leader strives to accomplish a goal common among most leaders: to have people believe in your vision, follow you, and do what it takes to get the job done.

As a manager/leader, all eyes are on you. You represent your company; choose your words carefully, be a confident leader, and make your presence known without being haughty or condescending. No one wants to feel like they are at the bottom of the totem pole, so as a leader, relate to your employees, be on their level, and set examples. People like to emulate their leaders, and if you are conscious of your actions, people will follow your lead and strive for the top. All parties will profit.

Since leadership is not inherent in most people, a wise leader should work with others to help them develop their own leadership skills and style; education is a key factor to successful leadership. It's not an easy task to get everyone to work together amicably for the good of a common goal, but it can be done. A good leader sets the tone for every project and helps to motivate the team to do its best. A good leader also knows to give the credit to the people who have done the work.

To improve your leadership skills:

  1. Take a development course.
  2. Read a book on leadership.
  3. Volunteer for a local organization.

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